Sign the petition to STOP TRUMP from wasting our tax dollars on golf


CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Goal: 100,000 signatures in 30 days gets an official response from the White House

Congress should limit how much of our tax dollars can be spent protecting the president and first family on unnecessary outings and activities. 


It is entirely appropriate for the public to pay for the protection of the president and first family during necessary travel, including limited vacation. That being said, the Trumps have abused this public provision of security and are on track to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on unnecessary leisure activities. Their vast fortune aside, this is not about the Trumps’ personal wealth. Congress should establish rules on this type of behavior for all first families going forward. Trump has personally cost $23 million in the first 10 weeks of his presidency, most spent protecting him on weekly golf outings. Melania refuses to live in D.C. costing millions in public funds. Just last month, Trump’s adult children took nearly 100 Secret Service members with them on a ski trip to Aspen.

Thank you for supporting this critical policy,

Kaivan Shroff

Founder, Millennial Democrats

9 thoughts on “Sign the petition to STOP TRUMP from wasting our tax dollars on golf

  1. Dt has cost us $23 mil in only 11weeks
    In comparison to Obama spending 98mil in 8 years. No conscience. We can’t afford it.


  2. Our tax dollars should be used on important government programs to enrich the country and the lives of its citizens. Using the money for extra security and weekly vacations for the president and the first family, is wasted money. Programs which are being eliminated or defunded could use this money to help those in need, or go to much needed infrastructure projects, such as new new pipes for water in Flint, MIchigan to ensure safe, clean, lead-free water for its people. There should be limits on the spending habits of the first family to ensure that they are not fleecing the government and robbing funding from much needed social projects.


  3. And not to mention the county that has to protect the streets all around him in Florida with zero extra dollars from the gov. Just wait until they are hit with a hurricane they have no reserves because of him and his family wasting our money


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